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Who Needs a Chiropractor?

      If you are among the fortunate, you may never need to see a chiropractor, and you probably fall into the following categories:

 * You were born lucky -  great genes, no structural problems, and a healthy, nurturing childhood.

 * You have avoided injury - no major incidences of sports, work, auto or other injury

 * You don't live a high stress life, or you are superb at dealing with it.

 * No repetitive stress from work on the computer, delivering a package, or mowing the lawn.

 * Or play (sitting and knitting, reading, driving a golf ball, playing pickle ball).Being on your phone!

 * You naturally stand and move well, avoiding uncoordinated, jerky movements, habitual muscle tension and poor posture

 * You eat right - proper nutrition plays a huge role in developing and maintaining a sound mind and body.

 * You know how to breath - occasional full, relaxing, energizing breaths which provide your body and brain with oodles of air. Not short and shallow.

 * You enjoy active pursuits that keep your brain and body strong and flexible.

That's not you? At least not all the time? Most people will find themselves in need of help at some point, due to pain, stiffness or restricted motion that doesn't want to resolve on its own. I know I do.

The combination of effective evaluation and treatment I provide is 100% focused on you as an individual. You have a unique body, mind, and history to consider. Gentle (I can be light as a feather), strong (many patients love my deeper soft tissue massage, trigger point work, and powerful active stretching), or in between. Together, we do what works best for you. I work with people with different problems, body types, ages, injuries, conditions and activity levels - from couch potatoes to weekend warriors to high performance athletes. 

Most people in pain have a neuromusculoskeletal challenge, a fancy term for a common problem - something that hurts, feels funny or doesn't move right, anywhere in your body. Pain after an auto accident, gardening, or your favorite sport? Soreness and stiffness in your neck after sitting at a computer for hours? End of the day "regular" or "normal" headache? Low back or hip stiffness after sitting? Pain after "moving wrong" or "sleeping funny?" All are examples of neuromusculoskeletal problems. All can be helped.

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