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Neighbors Comments

Here's what some of our neighbors in Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton, Weston and Georgetown have to say.

Video testimonials

Ridgefield attorney and resident says:

Dr. Len fixed my aches, and I still do his exercises every day. Greg Smith

- Gregory S.

A patient from Danbury says:

Excellent chiro care--Dr. Fox really listens to his patients' needs and makes sure to recommend appropriate exercises as well.

- Kristin

Life long Redding resident says:

I have had great experiences at Georgetown Chiropractic. I haven't had to wait. My appointment runs on time and in today's busy schedule I really appreciate that. Dr Fox is very knowledgeable and I appreciate that too, always coming up with a "let's try this" approach since each patient is different.

- Shannon

People in Redding find Georgetown chiropractic helps with back and neck pain:

“I’ve suffered chronic back pain for years, interrupting my sleep and causing morning soreness that would last half the day. I made the assumption that this was a condition I would have to live with until I mentioned it to Dr. Fox. He treated me and gave me a series of exercises to do and in just a week, my sleep improved dramatically. I have virtually no soreness in the morning and flexibility and freedom of movement are the best they’ve been in years.” For chiropractic care, Redding resident Karen Grey sees Dr. Fox

“Cheaper than insurance to make sure I feel good” Andy Knapp of Redding sees Dr. Fox as his chiropractor

“After years of neck pain I finally decided to see Dr. Fox, who was highly recommended by a co-worker.Within a couple of weeks I felt relief and I plan on seeing Dr. Fox on a regular basis.” When she needs a chiropractor Redding resident Roseanne Macedo sees Dr. Fox

“The best adjustments and time spent preparing my back ever” When he needs to see a chiropractor Georgetown resident Gene Nazzaro goes to Dr. Fox.

“I have found chiropractic sessions helpful for a stubborn lower back problem, and even more helpful were the special exercises Dr. Fox recommended. I really appreciate his sincere concern and support! Dona Abel of Redding on how Dr. Fox of Georgetown Chiropractic helps her.

"Dr. Fox is skilled, knowledgeable and a great listener" Ralph Ficker makes the trip from Bethel to see Dr. Fox

“Dr. Fox has helped my condition very well.I’m very happy with the relief he has provided” Bob Lanehart, Georgetown

“I came to Dr. Fox to keep me going. Now I am comfortable and able to do things without pain” Shirley Putzig, Redding

Lifelong Weston resident goes to Georgetown Chiropractic to help back pain and maintain active lifestyle: “I came to Dr. Fox complaining about back pain.Conventional treatment never seemed to help.Dr. Fox has adjusted my back to the point where I can actively referee in amateur boxing matches comfortably.On the rare occasion I have a flare-up, Dr. Fox calmly makes adjustments and takes the time needed to make my life a lot easier. I highly recommend his services to everyone.” When he has lower back pain Weston resident George Phillips goes to Georgetown Chiropractic

“Dr. Fox had a thousand ways to make anyone feel better. His knowledge of muscle strengthening and stretching has made a significant difference in my flexibility and endurance” To feel his best with chiropractic, Ridgefield resident Mike Debease sees Dr. Fox regularly.

"The initial adjustment to my right knee quickly strengthened the joint and continues to improve with each treatment" W.J.K

" Great - very thorough discussion of problems/treatment/exercises initially, and this has continued at each visit. Always a suggestion for healing. I definitely feel that Dr. Fox wants to teach me to prevent/alleviate discomfort with stretches and exercise so I can come for adjustments less frequently" Carolyn Witthoft, Ridgefield resident

"Dr. Fox keeps me positive about moving my muscles. - there is hope." For the best in chiropractic, Ridgefield resident Fran Debease sees Dr. Fox

"Visiting Dr. Fox once a month has been the best health investment I could make. My back now feels terrific every day" Pam Kress, Weston resident, sees Dr. Fox regularly and feels great.

"I have been to chiropractors in various cities but Dr. Fox has been -by far- the most caring and professional I have visited. He has also helped by guiding me on home exercises. He has my total confidence and thanks for his interest in me and my health" Leo Blackman, Weston

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