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Laura Leigh Frazier Recommends Georgetown Chiropractic. I saw Dr Fox today for a long overdue adjustment and, as always, I feel so much better! My neck and back thank you Dr Fox!    Facebook review from a Ridgefield resident for neck and back pain

Lucy Peralta Hayes  Recommends Georgetown Chiropractic. I was having headaches and lightheadedness for weeks. I had mentioned this to Dr. Fox and he had informed me, this can be due to my Axis and CI being locked up. After just one adjustment, I felt the results. AMAZING!! My headaches minimized and my cloudy feeling went away. THANKS DR LENNY FOX.  Headache review on the office Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GeorgetownChiro. Lucy is a great massage therapist, by the way.

Jeff Strang I absolutely recommend Dr. Fox. I have been seeing him for quite some time now, and he is outstanding. I have a had a bad back for 25 years now. In the past I would have a severe back "episode" at least once per year. Since I have been seeing Dr. Fox, I have not had a back episode in over 5 years. I see him monthly for "maintenance" where he provides stretching and adjusting tweaks...and I am convinced this "maintenance" is what has kept me from a crippling back event. Also, 2 years ago I started having a serious shoulder pain, where I could not even lift my right arm above my head. I had just seen an orthopedic doctor who had planned a cortizone shot and weeks of physical therapy for me. I casually mentioned this during one of my maintenance appointments with Dr. Fox, and he said he had experience with shoulders and we agreed for Dr. Fox to work on the shoulder pain. After 2 weeks of Dr. Fox working on my shoulder, I was able to lift it and resume full motion. When I told my orthopedic about this, he smiled and said he knew Dr. Fox and that Dr. Fox was a "healer". My shot and physical therapy sessions were no longer required. Simply amazing. Do yourself a favor....if you need someone to work on your back or neck pain (or shoulder pain!) please see Dr. Fox. He is an outstanding doctor. jeff   All around ***** review. Believe me, I am touched and glad I took the Bucheberger Rotator Cuff training

Frances Taylor Debease I love Georgetown Chiro, couldn't get by without it. I've been going there for YEARS now, and wouldn't change chiros if I could. I love Dr. Fox and his approach to health and wellness. The first time I ever went to chiro was at this office. I have heard so many horror stories about chiro, and I don't have one, because I have Dr. Fox and he is the best. Even after I moved further north in CT a few years ago, I still come to this office once a month for my monthly adjustment. I prefer to stay with the best, and that is Dr. Fox. Did I mention that it has been about 20 years now? Fran is a true regular, never misses a month even after moving out of Ridgefield. It works for her.

Erin Ingwersen After 15+ years of chronic back pain finally decided to try chiropractic as a last resort. Dr. Fox has been amazing. After just a few sessions I am moving easier and experiencing more pain free time than I have in years!  I love when people in great need get help through chiropractic care, feel better and have a better life. Wilton resident Erin got help for her chronic back pain at Georgtown Chiropractic.

Audrey Terry recommends Georgetown Chiropractic : Dr. Fox has helped me continue my chiropractic care after moving to Ridgefield. My headaches are minimal and my back and hip pain are almost gone. He’s helping me get stronger so that I can get back in shape. You were a great patient Audrey. Alas, you moved away. All the best!

Sarah Ackerman Dr. Fox welcomed me with open arms at his practice as an out of town patient. I’m from Michigan and was desperate for an adjustment upon living in CT for a few weeks and he fixed me right up! He is so knowledgeable about the body and gave me a lot of stretches and exercises to strengthen my problem areas. I am so thankful for his care and would recommend him 100%!  Visitors to New Canaan need help too.

Jodi Stevens This is by far the most gifted Chiropractor I have seen in Fairfield County. Weston resident and great actor - and acting teacher - needs an occasional tune-up.

Susan Jackson Dr. Fox has been my chiropractor for years. I began seeing him on a strong recommendation of a friend. Rather than a quick crack and on your way, Dr. Fox spends time with you and along with your adjustment teaches you exercises that help your continued well being. Susan is a Georgetown and West Redding legend, with Georgetown School of the Arts going strong and sharing creativity and skills.

Another *****Google Review, from Laura Leigh Frazier, Ridgefield resident  3 years ago I was reluctant to trust a chiropractor. A good friend recommended Dr. Fox for my son and he won my confidence. I got such incredible relief from chronic neck and shoulder pain that I was hooked. He is very polite and professional and EFFECTIVE! I am so happy that I fcound Dr. Fox! C an't say I love the term hooked, but love the sentiment! Thanks Leura Leigh

Jonelle Rochester 3 years ago Dr. Fox was nothing short of being absolutely amazing. I got into a car accident and was suffering from whiplash, a stiff neck and stiff back. Through my visits with Dr. Fox he helped to alleviate my pain. Dr. Fox was informative, super friendly, gentle and allowed for me to have a successful recovery from my car accident. I would highly recommend him to anyone !!!!  Danbury resident Jonelle treated with Dr. Fox to recover from whiplash and back pain due to a car accident

Ridgefield attorney and resident Greg Smith says: Dr. Len fixed my aches, and I still do his exercises every day. -Greg Smith

Another patient from Danbury says:Excellent chiro care--Dr. Fox really listens to his patients' needs and makes sure to recommend appropriate exercises as well. ----Kristin

Many people in Redding find Georgetown chiropractic helps with back and neck pain. Other problems too:

Life long Redding resident says: I have had great experiences at Georgetown Chiropractic. I haven't had to wait. My appointment runs on time and in today's busy schedule I really appreciate that. Dr Fox is very knowledgeable and I appreciate that too, always coming up with a "let's try this" approach since each patient is different. - Shannon

Shannon Karl Four years ago I would highly recommend calling Dr. Fox for any and all chiropractic needs. I started seeing Dr. Fox a few months ago with pain in my back and wrists in particular, the pain was getting to be so bad that I was actively considering leaving my chosen career as a baker. But within a few months Dr. Fox has made it entirely feasible for me to continue to bake. In fact I now have years of baking to look forward to, as well as years of seeing Dr. Fox to look forward to. Redding resident and superb pastry maker Shannon got help for several problems at Georgetown Chiopractic

Michelle Delmore There were many doctor visits (multiple doctors) prior To seeing Dr Fox, As well as multiple treatments. None of which showed promising improvement. Due to My condition Involving spinal and nerve damage, I was told it was untreatable. After seeing Doctor Fox within less than three visits I felt and saw drastic improvement. My chronic pain reduce immensely. In addition I saw improvement in my muscle mass, where there was once major muscle atrophy. Outside of these improvements, Dr. Fox gives me many exercises throughout our visits to do on my own at home in order to strengthen muscles to keep in place the different parts he is adjusting in my body. Overall, Dr Fox is a great person and genuinely cares for his patients and his pricing is very fair. Highly Recommend.  For chiropractic care, Redding resident Michelle Delmore sees Dr. Fox

“Cheaper than insurance to make sure I feel good” Andy Knapp of Redding sees Dr. Fox as his chiropractor

  "After years of neck pain I finally decided to see Dr. Fox, who was highly recommended by a co-worker.Within a couple of weeks I felt relief and I plan on seeing Dr. Fox on a regular basis.” When she needs a chiropractor Redding resident Roseanne Macedo sees Dr. Fox

“I have found chiropractic sessions helpful for a stubborn lower back problem, and even more helpful were the special exercises Dr. Fox recommended. I really appreciate his sincere concern and support! Dona Abel of Redding on how Dr. Fox of Georgetown Chiropractic helps her.

 Jennifer Hill :Dr. Fox is an amazing chiropractor and very knowledgeable. I just started seeing him with chronic neck pain radiating down my arms and he fixed me! He is gentle and genuinely cares about helping you become pain free! Thank you. Bethel resident got help for neck pain with pain down her arms. Keep on Rocking Jennifer! (We both love the same music)

Wilton resident Daniel Grossman approves of Dr. Fox and the treatment he received at Georgetown Chiropractic I have had numerous leg and back injuries from sports. I came to Dr. Fox barely able to walk normally. at this point a couple months later I feel like 90% back to normal, and very confident he will help me get back to 100%. It also doesn't hurt that he is a very personable guy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Ridgefield resident Dominika Mierzejewski was happy with the care she received after an auto accident Very professional service. No lines, scheduled appointments are always on time. Dr. Leonard is a very knowledgeable, polite and helpful person with a long experience. I would definitely recommend his office to everyone.

Julie Carey 8 years ago Dr. Fox is a true miracle man! He helped me immensely with my TMJ which was getting to a critical point. Back issues, gone! Neck and shoulder issues, gone. Kind, caring and listens to you and gives great guidance on what you can do to help yourself in between visits...The only reason I'm not going anymore is that we moved to NC! You won't be sorry.. Former local Julie was a great patient who dramatically improved her health with chiropractic treatment here. She also helped herself by following my program of stretching/exercise and minimizing aggravating repetitive stress. I hope she is still doing it in North Carolina.

"The initial adjustment to my right knee quickly strengthened the joint and continues to improve with each treatment" W.J.K

" Great - very thorough discussion of problems/treatment/exercises initially, and this has continued at each visit. Always a suggestion for healing. I definitely feel that Dr. Fox wants to teach me to prevent/alleviate discomfort with stretches and exercise so I can come for adjustments less frequently" Carolyn Witthoft, Ridgefield resident

Danbury resident by night, works in WIlton by da,y Jacqueline Rochesterrecovered from a wrist problem right in the middle, in Georgetown. She was surprised that a chiropractor could help her wrist. Dr. Fox helped to relieve pain I was experiencing in my wrist. Therapy sessions with Dr. Fox helped to alleviate the pain. Would highly recommend

Wilton resident and avid horse trainer Karyn Foley improved despite many years of back pain I highly recommend Dr Fox. I have had back pain forever until seeing him! So happy!

An older review by Weston resident Jodi Stevens 4 years ago I've been searching Connecticut for the kind of Chirporactor like Dr. Fox. He is very intuitive and can really track a problem you're having to its source. He doesn't rush, you, and I always feel stronger leaving than when I arrived. What keeps me coming back, is that he sets you up with excercises to help strengthen whatever area is being worked on, so I really see progress. And he follows up to see how im doing. Rarely do I see that kind of attention with medical or holistic practitioners. So grateful! Grateful you came in to see me Jodi!

"Visiting Dr. Fox once a month has been the best health investment I could make. My back now feels terrific every day" Pam Kress, Weston resident, still sees Dr. Fox regularly and feels great. Twenty years and going strong

Cee TheRat Dr. Fox is an excellent chiropractor -- friendly, gentle, and skilled. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any and everyone! You're no rat to me, Cee! Ridgefield resident Cee converted herself into a maintenance patient after getting help for various problems over the years. She finds it easier to live life and feel pretty good with regular treatment.


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