Corrective Stretching And Exercise (Rehabilit

Corrective Stretching and Exercise (Rehabilitation)

We spend more time together initially to save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. Of the several hundred great stretches and exercises I know, only a few are really important to specifically help correct your problem. In today's busy world, most people really want to learn only what will help them fastest. Therefore, following special examination techniques to diagnose what you need to learn, I teach the specific stretches and exercises which will help strengthen and correct your unique problem. This occurs only after a thorough history and physical examination including muscle tests and functional examination. Functional examination is defined as evaluating how muscles work when doing a task, such as walking or lifting. Quite often, especially following injury or in a person with chronic, recurrent problems, the muscles involved don't fire (contract, or tighten) in the correct order. This means your body can not perform routine activities as efficiently and smoothly as possible, and can lead to a lifetime of problems.

The rehabilitative stretches and exercises I teach can be performed at the office and in the comfort of your own home. They will improve the effectiveness of your spinal correction. Together, we'll get you back to work and your favorite recreational activities safely and as soon as possible.

Don't have much time? Spending even a few minutes a day on your focused rehab plan will be of tremendous benefit to you. It's not true that you have to spend an hour or more working daily to see progress IF you know how to use your time effectively. Five minutes a day will help you infinitely more than zero minutes a day!

Don't have much money? Doing the stretches and exercises regularly will help you get better faster and help prevent problems from coming back. If you're missing work because of pain, you'll get back to work sooner if you learn what to do. You also won't need as much treatment!

Don't like to exercise? Most people enjoy the stretches and exercises, especially once they find they provide relief almost immediately!

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