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Bad Weather, Bad Back, Bad Neck - Here's Something Good!

     For the remainder of this winter, until the last drop of snow has melted from the highest point in Fairfield County, I am making a special offer to the local community. I don't care if the snow is still here in May! Here is my pledge:

     All new Georgetown Chiropactic patients committed to improving their health and feeling better physically will receive two fabulous additions to the excellent treatment I provide:

     1) Core plus more training. "Core exercise" is a big buzzword these days in the exercise world. Everybody wants to strengthen their core. This makes sense, because a strong core not only looks good, it helps protect your spine from injury and pain. "Plus more" makes it even better. This means in addition to teaching you the standard, effective core exercises, I will personally evaluate your posture and muscular system from head to toe, from your head not quite on straight to your flat feet!

     Structural problems, old injury, muscular imbalance, inflexibility, stress and strain from repetitive activity like texting and computer use are all weak links in your body. The stretches and exercises I teach will strengthen these weak links. Core plus more is light years beyond just learning a few exercises and stretches, everything is personalized for you!

     2) Ergonomic and Bionomic Evaluation and Correction. Seriously, I need a simpler, more catchy name for this! Any ideas? Many people are familiar with ergonomics - making sure your office computer and chair is set up properly for your body is an example. Ergonomics is a crucial foundation, but its not enough. Bionomics, now we're going above  and beyond. Bionomics means how you, as a living, breathing person interact with your environment. Learn the proper bionomics, and you'll find you can work and play longer, harder and more effectively with less fatigue, stress, strain, and pain.

     As part of my incredible Winter 2015 offer to go above and beyond to help you achieve better health, all new patients will receive ergonomic evaluation at work or home, plus bionomic training. The only restriction to this is you you must either live or work in the area - Georgetown, Redding, Ridgefield, Wilton or Weston.

     For eighteen years I have been a consultant trainer with the Sittingsafe and Backsafe programs. This means I have improved hundreds of office set-ups and trained hundreds of people in how to work and play safely. This is a fun part of my job, because in a quick session I can make your life much better.

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, please call (203) 544-9291 today. Winter won't last forever!